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I’m so old, even stewardesses feel sorry for me (via The Blue Plate Special)

September 21, 2011

What with the new show about the defunct Pan Am coming on TV, I thought I’d reblog this post, which a bunch of guys from some flying club in Colorado or somewhere absolutely loved back in February when this was first posted. Stewardesses of the 1960s were young, wore short skirts, and chatted male passengers up, when they weren’t fluffing the guy’s pillows, rearranging his blanket, and refilling perfume bottles in the lavatories. It was a very different world, and if the TV show is accurate, it will show that even though those girls were fairly hard workers, I guess, they were really looking for husbands. If they make it appear as though they were doing anything else, they’ll be lying to you. Just warning you now.

I'm so old, even stewardesses feel sorry for me Okay: flight attendants, flight attendants. I hope you're happy. Jeeze. I've noticed that flight attendants are allowed to age now. This is a clever marketing gimmick, because I'm aging too, and flying has become so unpleasant that any tiny sop intended to calm me down is good for business. They pass me by, pushing their narrow silver carts down the aisle, and I watch to see if their joints work better than mine as they kneel and bend, their litt … Read More

via The Blue Plate Special

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