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Women who are more fashionable than me are everywhere

February 4, 2011

Everywhere I look, I see women who are more fashionable than me. This is not hard to pull off, since I am stuck wearing shoes that would have made me cry with embarrassment when I was 20, due to things wrong with my feet. I had the coolest boots when I was 20, and the thing is, they’re back, but I am forced to consider whether or not to let this fad pass me by.

Frye boots are making much nicer looking styles this year than they ever did when I was younger, and I am sorely tempted, but I live in fear that someone will see my sad attempts to recapture my lost youth as just that. Do Frye boots really look right on a 51 year old? Verily I think, they probably do not.

Anyway, I have been in quite a few airports recently, and with time on my hands waiting for planes, have noticed that there are an awful lot of fashionably dressed women out there in the world. Although I might sound jealous, I am also somewhat baffled, since I rarely, if ever, in my life pulled off that combination of factors you need to be truly fashionable. I can almost manage stylish, since stylish doesn’t require putting together an entire ensemble. But I’ve noticed that if an outfit is going to fall apart, it’s the shoes that will make or break a look. You start from the shoes and work up, and shoes are pretty damned expensive—at least, mine are, since I need support, and that means steel shanks. Oh, so exotic and lovely steel shank support precludes having a lot of cute shoes, picked out to match individual outfits.

Did you know the only American manufacturer of steel shank support shoes who hasn’t moved overseas is Munro? Yes, and their shoes last forever, but they are not cheap. They are also (mostly) stylish, and not too much of a compromise for people who simply cannot wear 4″ heels and traipse down the avenue as though they were not dying in pain. My grandmother’s litany as she yanked hair from my head when she brushed my thick American-Irish curls was “you have to suffer to be beautiful.” Are people who are more fashionable than me suffering more than I am? They sure don’t look like they’re suffering. They look cute, and pulled-together, and cool as cucumbers as they catwalk through airports, their tight jeans tucked into their tight boots that somehow are the perfect heel height for their overall look.

Fashion is a matter of attending to clothing as though you were building cathedral scaffolding. It’s all about architectural proportions, I know, but it’s easier to get dressed if you’re a stick figure who doesn’t need steel shank support to get through the day. I am constantly in awe of fashionable people. How do they do it? I had a good moment one day when a fashionably-dressed girl’s fashionable scarf, rolled loosely and oh-so-casually (but deliberately) started to slip off her neck, ruining the overall insouciant image. Lest you think I’m really mean, she had jutted in front of me to get into a line I was forced to stand in to buy some jar of goo or other in my constant quest for the perfect jar of goo.

The line was comprised of other, equally-cute girls, none of whose scarves were falling off of them, (so there, perfect girl). I was standing there, feeling old and dowdy, in my mature woman’s black coat and stupid steel shank support shoes. Surrounded by young, cute women is the fastest route to severe depression for me these days. Her scarf’s momentary rebellion was enough to brighten my day.

So shoot me. I am not a perfect person.

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  1. Miranda Remington permalink
    February 4, 2011 8:29 PM

    They are around me as well. I cannot recall the delineation moment in time where I went from the over sized Chambray shirt, black leggings and black loafers of a disheveled new mom to the uniform of white blouse, long sweaters, and black slacks that cut a suspiciously geriatric line. I did not aim for this colorless world of black, grey, white and the occasional pop of red or orange afforded by an inexpensive scarf, however, there I am, sans a modicum of fashion sense… Meanwhile the fashionable clothes gather dust, growing increasingly smaller in the spare closet.

    • February 4, 2011 9:09 PM

      I don’t even know what to say… I wear the crappiest of my clothes, and everything cute and nice sits in the damned closet. I do not know why, but now I have something else to write about. This subject is ongoing and endless! We shall talk again soon, though! I am getting over a cold. Sigh. 😉

      • Miranda Remington permalink
        February 4, 2011 10:05 PM

        I look forward to it, Alison… I smell a “miniseries” of related topics! 😉

      • February 4, 2011 10:49 PM

        OMG, yes. Apparently, I have been sitting on this side of myself, and only needed a modicum of encouragement to let it out. ;-p

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